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During learning language, we try to remember as many words as we can. But memorizing whole sentences is more important. Just think: when we can react on current situation in whole sentence it is easier and faster to start the conversation.  How to learn new grammatically correct sentences quickly and fast?

Hundreds of words, expressions and phrases, great grammar descriptions, dozens of exercises, reading or mp3 recordings. There is only one question. How to remember all of these things? And the most important – how about results of your learning?

My name is Richard Dudkiewicz.

Language coach with 22 years of experience and unbelievable passion for teaching.

 In our method you remember 3 sentences a day. Because you have only 3 sentences to remember you can repeat it frequently. That means 21 sentences a week. by changing one word, denying or asking become more than 80 sentences a week.

 If you want to speak Polish of Dutch in 13 weeks or 13 days – you are welcome.